Welcome to the Project Red, Transportation Pipes 

This is for the Project Red Transportation pipes. 1.6.4 transportation system IE-> Item transport pipes,Routed request Pipes and so on.This Minecraft Mod is part of the Attack Of The B-Team pack by Technic from the crazy and twisted minds of the B-Team ( GenerikB - Bdouble0100 ).

Project Red Transportation Pipes are a small part of the Project redstone core which has many other parts. With the transportaion part of Project red you can connect chests together using specific pipes to store all of your minecraft items, As well as recall Items by just right clicking on the orange routed request pipe.You can add chips to specific pipes to program them to perform certain functions. You can also craft upgrade chips to enhance the abilities of chips that are placed in the pipes by using a router utility. This will reduce Latency and increase the amount of items being recalled or sent at one time. 

Crafting Recipes


Here is a video by the most Awsome GenerikB showing the use of some Transportation Pipe technology!!

In this episode he makes and explains about project red Transprtaion pipes and sets it up in a sorting system.

Minecraft - Attack Of The B-Team Ep 07 - "An Organized Hermit?!?!" (B-Team Modpack)-130:17

Minecraft - Attack Of The B-Team Ep 07 - "An Organized Hermit?!?!" (B-Team Modpack)-1



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